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All puffs are organic + made without artificial colors or flavors **

**sprinkles may or may not contain artificial color
*allergy warning

-Signature Flavors-

Vanilla Bean

vanilla spun sugar

bourbon vanilla bean dust + black sprinkles

Caramel Fleur de Sel

caramel spun sugars

crushed caramel candy dust + Fleur de Sel (French sea salt)

Sweet Crystals

organic spun sugar

sparkling crystal sugar sprinkles

Cafe au Lait

coffee + milk spun sugars

milk powder dust + cinnamon dust

Sugar + Spice

organic spun sugar

cinnamon|nutmeg|ginger|allspice|cardamom|white pepper dust

Milk + Cookies

milk + chocolate spun sugars

crushed chocolate chip cookies + milk powder dust

Malted Milkshake

vanilla + milk spun sugars

malted milk powder dust

Cocoa Dust

chocolate spun sugar

cocoa powder dust

-Specialty Flavors-

Vanilla Rose

vanilla + rose spun sugars

bourbon vanilla bean dust + rose gold sprinkles

Vanilla Latte

vanilla + coffee + milk spun sugars

bourbon vanilla bean dust + brown sprinkles

Honey Lavender

honey + lavender spun sugars

gold sprinkles + real lavender buds

Jasmine Green Tea

jasmine + green tea spun sugars

matcha powder dust

NY Cheesecake

cheesecake spun sugar

graham cracker dust

London Fog

earl gray + vanilla + milk spun sugars

milk powder dust

Cookies + Cream

vanilla + milk spun sugars

crushed chocolate cookie dust

Lemon Iced Tea

lemon spun sugar

black tea dust + yellow sprinkles

S'more Sugar

chocolate + marshmallow spun sugars

cocoa powder dust + graham cracker dust + mini marshmallows

Strawberry Lemonade

strawberry + lemon spun sugars

strawberry dust + yellow lemon zest sprinkles

Sprinkle Cake

birthday cake spun sugar

rainbow sprinkles

Root Beer Float

root beer + vanilla spun sugars

crushed root beer candy + bourbon vanilla bean powder dust

Coconut Macaroon

coconut + vanilla spun sugars

toasted shredded coconut*

Orange Dreamsicle

orange + vanilla spun sugars

bourbon vanilla bean dust + orange zest sprinkles

-Wedding Flavors-

Champagne Sparkle

champagne spun sugar

gold edible glitter + pearl "bubble" sprinkles

Vanilla Almond

vanilla + almond spun sugars

bourbon vanilla bean powder dust + crushed Marcona almonds*

Flower Bouquet

rose + lavender + jasmine spun sugars

wildflower color sprinkles + rose petals + lavender buds

White Cake

vanilla + cake spun sugars

mix white sprinkles

I Love You Honey

honey spun sugar

gold sprinkles

Vanilla Diamonds

vanilla spun sugar

sparkling crystal sugar sprinkles

-Flavors in Season-

-Spring 2023-

To Be Announced Soon!

-Order Jars of Cotton Candy-

Quarter Pint - $3ea

Half Pint - $5ea

Pint - $8ea

Quart - $12ea

Orders can be fulfilled by reaching out directly, either my call, text or email.

Shipping is available + will be applied. Thank you!

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