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-Featured Events-

Nathan + Rebecca

"...My husband and I wanted something unique to offer our wedding guests, something that could be enjoyed regardless of age... cotton candy?? YES! We are so happy with the presentation, her cart literally fit our venue perfectly and made it even more beautiful; and of course all the added sugar inspired many smiles from our guests. Her flavors were so unique and delicious, it's obvious the Ashley puts her heart and soul into her business. I highly recommend Sierra Sugar Co if you are looking to add a little sweetness to your special day! "

-Rebecca Ray,

Sierra Nevada Lavender + Honey Festival 2019

"This was Sierra Sugar Co's debut event! The Sierra Nevada Lavender + Honey Festival in Downtown Sparks, NV is a celebration of all things lavender + honey. Naturally I made Lavender + Honey cotton candy as well as our signature flavor, Vanilla Bean, made with homemade Madagascar Vanilla Bean powder. I was overwhelmed + So Happy with the turnout! I knew people were going to love my all natural organic candy... but they  L O V E D  it!! The high, topped with sugar, was amazing and I knew I was doing exactly what I was meant to be doing- making people smile!"

-Ashley Schindler, Owner, Sierra Sugar Co

Reno Garlic Festival 2019

"... I was approached at the Lavender + Honey Festival by one of the directors of the Reno Garlic Festival and asked if I would consider spinning up some cotton candy for their event. Needless to say I was intrigued by the challenge! Garlic...cotton candy... Garlic! Cotton Candy! I dug deep into my knowledge of flavor pairing and wound up with a couple puffs to make even the most reluctant cotton candy connoisseur! Honey + Black Garlic, Ginger + Dehydrated Garlic + Crystalized Ginger and, of course, everyone's favorite, Vanilla Bean! With my super sweet sister and partner in living life to the the higherst, Rebecca!"

-Ashley Schindler, Owner, Sierra Sugar Co

Sunflower Festival at Lattin Farms Fallon, NV

"This was the First Annual Sunflower Festival at Latin Farms in Fallon, NV. It boasted a beautiful summer green landscape, a large sunflower field and the friendliest of folk! Spun up was Strawberry Lemonade, Iced Tea and Vanilla Bean. With me as always was my beautiful sister, Rebecca!"

-Ashley Schindler, Owner, Sierra Sugar Co

Hot August Nights at The Atlantis Hotel + Casino

"Hot August Nights is one of the most well known of all the Reno events. People from all over the country make their way to our streets to show off their hot rod and to enjoy sweet nostalgia. I was blessed to have gotten in on the fun + it was a long week I will never forget! Being as young a business as we were then it was a Huge undertaking for us + I couldn't have done it without the support + help of my family + friends!"

-Ashley Schindler, Owner, Sierra Sugar Co

Fallon Cantaloupe Festival 2019

“O H, H I ! My name is Forest and I think you ‘aughta go visit my Super cool Aunties Rebecca + Saige at the Cantaloupe Festival! It’s in Fallon but it’s all good- it’s not that far. I just made the trip twice in a diaper and didn’t bother me none! They’re helping my Mama out by selling Adventurous Cotton Candy all weekend under the big white tent at the Fallon Fairground! I saw some pretty cool stuff while I was out there- food, rides, farm fresh produce, handmade crafty for the whole family! So go have some fun and be sure to try a new flavor of Sierra Sugar Co Cotton Candy!” -Forest(Mama)

Waterfront at the Marina  Sparks, NV

"Waterfront at the Marina offers it's tenants to a sweet summer treat for those hanging by the pool and looking for something a little extra on this hot summer day!"

-Ashley Schindler, Owner, Sierra Sugar Co

Uncommon Lux 1st Anniversary Brunch

"Uncommon Lux is an local online boutique run by a fellow small biz  B A B E  in Reno, NV. This brunch was in celebration of the 1st Anniversary of her business. Present was a drop dead Gorgeous bunch of kindred spirit entrepreneur  B A B E S  I'm happy to today call my friends!"

-Ashley Schindler, Owner, Sierra Sugar Co

Holiday Party at Lumina at Spanish Springs, NV

"This was my second event at Lumina at Spanish Springs and I love spinning cotton candy for these fine folk! They had me come to spin up some holiday fun for their tenants. Featured were winter flavors- Christmas Cookie, Eggnog, Cocoa + Candy Cane!"

-Ashley Schindler, Owner, Sierra Sugar Co

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